About us

Illustration Silvan Zweifel

Illustration by Silvan Zweifel

Mission and vision

Forever Playground is an international non profit organization that documents and funds social projects in the realm of skateboarding. We publish at least once a year a printed magazine presenting differents projects across the globe, giving exposure to unknown skateboarding scenes and sharing the inspirational work from various organizations dedicated to the same cause : sharing the passion of skateboarding to those who can benefit from it the most.

All our profits are directly invested in supporting skateboarding projects with a social impact on the youth and the community around in places that lack of positive creative activities to emulate self expression, engage cross cultural connections and build up resilience among individuals.

We believe skateboarding has a unique potential to connect people together no matter their differences and as a result creates strong communities of eclectic individuals who engage in society to make it a better place for all. We also believe in playing as the purest act of love, a way to express our love for life. Skateboarding is a playful activity that is shared among all generations, allowing adults and children to interact on a different level


At Forever Playground we deeply believe in playgrounds and want to see more of it growing around the world. Skateboarding playgrounds, because they are open and free for everybody, children and adults, girls and boys, no matter your social background or financial means, is there anywhere else where an 8 years old can play with a 50 with the same passion?

We think playing is the purest act of love, in which we express our love for life. Playing is and will be the purest social interaction we will ever have. When there’s no other interest than having fun, when there’s nothing at stake that would compromise our social status or our finances, we’re most likely to be ourselves and let the others be themselves. And genuinely create real social bonds that would go beyond personal interest, and therefore give rise to community initiatives and carry social change.

That’s why we feel the need to create and encourage those hubs where the kid that we were once, can remain, forever.

palestine walid by joel meinholz

Picture by Joel Meinholz

Some figures

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Forever Playground donated 300 euros to Kovalam Skate Club in 2017.

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Forever Playground donated 10 pairs of shoes for the Tanzania project in 2020.

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Forever Playground donated 10 pairs of shoes for the Kingston project in 2020.

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Forever Playground donated 2500 euros for the Kingston project in 2020.

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Forever Playground donated 10 pairs of shoes to Lebanon in 2020.

Who are we?

Lisa Jacob

  • Founder and Publishing Director

Clément Taquet

  • Administration & Digital


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