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A Skate Library aims to develop a cultural skateboarding multimedia library gathering universal knowledge through social work coverage, & academic research within skateboarding.

To do so, we are classifying this multicultural expertise in various fields that range from social change, education, history, well being, authenticity, urbanism, lifestyle, ethics to empowerment and community development.

Our goal is to provide a selected inventory covering the most of the positive cultural wealth legacy skateboarding is and will be offering in order to inspire social change, believing skateboarders -having a front row seat in the streets and carrying strong community values- can be a key link to address the main issues facing society.

By collecting this cultural capital for all to use as they see fit, we aim to provide the knowledge and tools required to enhance communication, foster new ideas, synergies and collective work between skateboarders and the public.

A Skate Library by Forever Playground and Two Set Mag

A Skate Library is a Forever Playground initiative in collaboration with Two Set Magazine.

Main contributers :
Claire Alleaume, Tom Critchley, Troy Björkman, Clément Taquet and Lisa Jacob.

Contact :

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Books & Studies

  • icon read The most fun thing by Kyle Beachy. (literature, philosophy, culture, identity)

    This memoir in essays follows one man's decade-long quest to uncover the hidden meaning of skateboarding, and explores how this search led unexpectedly to insights on marriage, love, loss, American invention, and growing old.

    What is skateboarding? What does it mean to continue skateboarding after the age of forty, four decades after the kickflip was invented? How does one live authentically as an adult while staying true to a passion cemented in childhood? How does skateboarding shape one's understanding of contemporary American life? Of growing old and getting married?

    Contemplating these questions and more, Beachy offers a deep exploration of a pastime—often overlooked, regularly maligned—whose seeming simplicity conceals universal truths. THE MOST FUN THING is both a rich account of a hobby and a collection of the lessons skateboarding has taught Beachy—and what it continues to teach him as he struggles to find space for it as an adult, a professor, and a husband.

  • icon read Space and why it matters by Long Live Southbank. (urban planning, space ownership, community, cultural heritage)

    Thoughts from the Long Live Southbank community and independent projects concerning creative space.

  • icon readThe Next Wave: The History of Skateboarding: 1999 - 2020 by Daniel Fedkenheuer.
    (History, Photography, Book)

    The Next Wave is a new skateboarding history book that details 1999-2020. Propelled by dozens of exclusive features and interviews with skateboarding’s most prominent riders, company owners and industry members, the text provides a comprehensive look into the highlights of the past several decades. With the support of several noted photographers, the book also serves as a visual testament to skateboarding’s recent developments.

    ➝ For more info: here
    ➝ To purchase the book: here

  • icon read One more push, to clear the last step. Planning for Skateboarding by Jamie Edwards for the MA in Planning, Policy and Practice of London Southbank University School of Law and Social Sciences Division of Urban, Environment and Leisure Studies, September 2020.
    (The city, public places, play)

    The objective of this paper is to move away from the perceived negatives of skateboarding in the public realm and ascertain what are the overarching benefits that skateboarding can offer to public space and how they can be harnessed and implemented by planning.

  • icon readA Prefigurative Politics of Play in Public Places: Children Claim Their Democratic Right to the City Through Play by Penelope Carroll, Octavia Calder-Dawe, Karen Witten, and Lanuola Asiasiga
    (The city, public places, play)

    This journal article critically engages with urban cities as sites devoid of play built for motor vehicles, business and functionality. By outlining the exclusion of children into ‘designated spaces’, the authors argue that children are marginalised within public spaces- a poignant argument in favour of skateable cities and against neoliberal spaces of discrimination of other groups such as the homeless. Children’s everyday appropriations of public spaces born from “playful imaginings” are presented as the reclamation of a democratic right to the city, arguing for a more equal, child-friendly and playful city. Echoes of “Everybody can play” - graffiti on the wall of 7Hills Skatepark in Downtown Amman.

  • icon readGrand Wild by Maxime Brousse
    (French, Freedom, Community, Public space)

    Inspired by people such as Ocean Howell, William Finnegan and Raphaël Zarka, among others, this uncommon essay is mixing on the ground journalism, travel diary and essay on themes such as freedom, community and reclaiming public space.

  • icon readColour in the lines: The Racial Politics and Possibilities of US Skateboarding Culture by Neftalie Williams
    (Race, culture, media)

    Neftalie Williams’ thesis examines skateboarding as a contested site of racial politics in the USA. Whereas previous research has presented the ‘whiteness’ of skateboarding, Williams presents an account for the creation of space for the voices of people of colour (POC) within the practice. Underpinned by Critical Race Theory (CRT), the project centralises unheard voices of POC skateboarders revealing previously unexplored challenges, strategies and successes of POC within elite skateboarding.

  • icon readConflict, Exclusion, Relocation: Skateboarding and Public Space by Jeremy Nemeth
    (Public spaces, performance, identity, LOVE)

    This influential essay was one of the first academic articles to take on policy makers who mark skateboarders using public spaces as a threat to public order. Within the contest of the 2002 skateboarding ban at LOVE Park, Jeremy Nemeth shows how the city defined skateboarders a deviant and unruly as a means to ban the practice, yet presents a powerful argument for skateboarder’s exclusion from the Center City denying a fundamental right to a space for performance, identity formation and representation in the public that has a longterm influence on skateboarding a public spaces in cases such as Long Live Southbank and beyond. A must read.

  • icon readThe Sound of Skateboarding: Aspects of Transcultural Anthropology by Carla J Maier
    (Sound, urban critique, gendered approaches)

    Carla Maier explores the transcultural anthropology of sound in skateboarding, combining sensual aspects of the practice with cultural and urban discourses providing a thorough account for the relationships between sound, knowledge and space. The author pays particular attention to female skaters in London, exploring the sound of skateboarding as a tool for transcultural intervention into gendered urban space for exploring alternative social realities within urban contexts.

  • icon readAuthenticity in the Skateboarding World by Becky Beal and Lisa Weidman
    (Skateboarding culture, history, identity)

    Beck Beal and Lisa Weidman draw from their historical involvement in the 1980s and 1990s US skateboarding scene, providing an indepth account of the values and norms that constitute legitimacy and authenticity of skateboarding. Using an extensive ethnographic modal, both authors explore historical interactions with skateboarding individuals and experiences with the skateboarding industry.

  • icon readSMOOTHING SPACE IN PALESTINE: Building a skatepark and a socio-political forum with the SkatePal charity by Danielle Abulhawa
    (skatepark, social project, playfulness, peace)

    The fluidity and adaptability is echoed in scholarly and populist discourse, which tends to discuss skateboarders’ abilities to be resourceful and playful within environments available to them, to adopt simulation alongside innovative DIY approaches when building their own environments and to form supportive networks across cultural boundaries. There has also been much growth in recent years of skateboarding development projects, particularly in areas of conflict and political unrest. This article focuses on the author experiences with the SkatePal charity.

  • icon readSKATEBOARD & RELIGION by Paul O’Connor
    (culture, lifestyle, cult, philosophy, spirituality)

    This book explores the ways in which religion is observed, performed, and organised in skateboard culture.

  • icon readTHE ART OF LIVING SIDEWAYS - Skateboarding, Peace and Elicitive Conflict Transformation by Sophie Friedel
    (peace, education, social change)

    Sophie Friedel explores the action of skateboarding in her book as a way to escape cycles of despair, not only in war torn environments and regions affected by poverty. The author critically reflects on her involvements of teaching skateboarding in Afghanistan within the context of youth empowerment and peace work. By way of personal experiences, Friedel illustrates how skateboarding can be understood as an elicitive approach to peace work and conflict transformation that unfolds the extraordinary human potential inherent to all of us.

  • icon read URBAN PAMPHLETEER - Series of articles
    (urbanism, social change, activism, community)

    Skateboardings gathers together activists, artists, and educators who show nuance on the effect skateboarding can have to positively influence social and urban change.

  • icon readSKATEBOARDING AND THE CITY by Ian Borden
    (history, culture, lifestyle, architecture)

    Skateboarding and the City presents the only complete history of the sport, exploring the story of skate culture from the surf-beaches of ‘60s California to the latest developments in street-skating today. Written by a life-long skater who also happens to be an architectural historian.

  • icon readON A DAY WITH NO WAVES: A chronicle of skateboarding, 1779 - 2009 by Raphaël Zarka
    (history, lifestyle, culture)

    On A Day With No Waves makes all the more apparent the various lines that traverse skateboarding, and links it to a whole aspect of contemporary thought on the transmigration of forms and their uses.

  • icon readTHE FORBIDDEN CONJUNCTION by Raphaël Zarka
    (play, games, culture, lifestyle, architecture, creativity)

    Using the tools set up by Roger Caillois in his essay Man, Play and Games (1961), Raphaël Zarka attempted to describe skateboarding by trying to define its place among the diversity of games and ways of playing.

    (volumes, spaces, shapes, forms, architecture, sculpture)

    A guided visit through skateboarding spaces.

  • icon readRIDING MODERN ART by Raphaël Zarka
    (architecture, sculptures, art)

    Through his study of the process of appropriation and reuse of works of art in public places, used by skateboarders as further challenges for their sport, Raphaël Zarka offers a way of approaching a work of art that underlines the dynamism of modern sculpture, casting a critical light on the idea of movement in these often abstract and geometric works, inspired by Cubist, Futurist or Constructivist art.

  • icon readSKATEBOARDING AND FEMINITY by Dani Abulhawa
    (Gender, social norms, power dynamics)

    This book examines skateboarding’s relationship to gender politics through a consideration of the personal politics connected to individual skateboarders, the social-spatial arenas in which skateboarding takes place, and by understanding the performance of tricks and symbolic movements as part of gender-based power dynamics.

  • icon readSKATEBOARD STUDIES by Konstantin Butz & Christian Peters
    (architecture, gender, urbanism, race, history, culture, public space appropriation)

    Skateboarding is first and foremost a physical activity, and no scholarly approach can substitute for the empirical knowledge gained through the act of skateboarding itself—the movement of the body with and on a skateboard. The theoretical implications of this movement and its spatial, cultural, and social settings are ripe for exploration within a number of different academic disciplines. The publication provides a comprehensive insight into these discourses.

    (Afghanistan, education, social project)

    Rare in-depth look into the lives of exceptional young Afghans facing incredible challenges in a city torn by war, but also full of life.

  • icon readBEYOND BOARDERS by Troy Björkman
    ( skateboarding, skateparks, positive youth development, sport-for-development)

    While unique attributes of the lifestyle sport – especially its non-competitive nature and focus on autonomy and creativity – were identified to serve as potentially valuable ‘hooks’ for marginalised youth, the real contribution of this paper is that of identifying skateparks – and particularly activating youth agency and responsibility in creating and managing social value from them.

  • icon readMEANINGFUL WORK IN THE REALM OF LEISURE: An exploration of unpaid, meaningful work in do-it-yourself skateparks by Finn Regener
    (DIY, community, social )

    The study explores reasons why individuals take voluntary action in unpaid, physically challenging labor, i.e. building a DIY skatepark, and tries to discover subjective functions this activity fulfills for the collaborators within leisure.

  • icon read BEYOND THE BOARD: findings from the field

    A groundbreaking study of skateboarding culture that explores the lives of underrepresented young adult skateboarders within a society that isolates them due to their negative misconceptions and preconceived notions.The research team examined skateboarding culture through the skateboarders’ perception of life and reveals how skateboarding shapes and supports them in terms of personal development.

  • icon read BRIEF REPORT: Using Behavioral Skills Training to Teach Skateboarding Skills to a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder
    (mental health, well being, programs)

    The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of behavioral skills training (BST) on the skateboarding skills of an 11-year-old male with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

  • icon read DO IT YOURSELF OR DO IT TOGETHER? Emergence of Participatory Culture through Co-creating interactive DIY skateboarding spaces

    Exploring how the field of Interaction Design might contribute in creating new platforms for engagement and expression, by involving a participatory culture of skateboarders in a Do It Yourself (DIY) project. The objective of the project was to give skaters an opportunity to experience the maker culture by sketching with technology, sharing their ideas within creative making, and participate in envisioning co-created skating spaces. Together with the event that followed the making process, they helped to determine the possibilities for the emergence of DIY culture involved in shaping “activist” spaces in urban environments.

  • icon readLE SKATEBOARD FAIT PENSER by Elie During

  • icon readCONTINUUM by Idris Jani
    (architecture, skateboarding and the city)

  • icon read THE POETICS OF SECURITY by Ocean Howell

  • icon read FROM CORE TO CONSUMER: The Informal Hierarchyof the Skateboard Scene by Tyler Dupont

    (A Study of Authenticity and Nike SB)

  • icon read SKATE LIFE: Re-Imagining White Masculinity by Emily Chivers Yochim

Web articles


  • icon view Do It Together (DIY, community, creative space)

    The story of Helsinki's Suvilahti DIY and what its potential 'relocation' would mean for it's community.

  • icon view SMiLE itw Chris Jones (mental health)

    Chris Jones sits down with the Ben Raemers Foundation for and talks about his own experiences with mental health and skateboarding.

  • icon view The Ben Raemers Foundation - Discussing Alcohol with Lucy Raemers, Alex Irvine and Dave Noble (mental health)

    The Ben Raemers Foundation sits down with Lucy Raemers, Skateboard photographer Alex Irvine and recovery coach and mentor, Dave Noble to discuss alcohol addiction and recovery.

  • icon view Slum Freedom (Uganda, community, skatepark)

    film by Kieran Hodges and Matt Farman about the local kids of our skate park project in the Kitintale Township in Kampala /Uganda, who speak for themselves and tell us what skateboarding means to them.

  • icon view We are skateboarders ( culture, authenticity, creativity, history)

    Legendary skateboarders discuss how mainstream culture has altered the soul of skateboarding over the years, and what it means for the future.

  • icon view Paving space (architecture, geometry, art)

    An unconventional encounter between maths, art and skateboarding. Schoenflies was a master of geometry and crystallography. He had developed his own three dimensional models that specifically captivated Zarka’s attention, after he was inspired with their sculptural potential.This film invites you to view Zarka’s large scale reconstructions of Schoenflies’ models, re-appropriated in a way never imagined before.

  • icon view Saint Denis (Belfast, growing up, identity, addiction)

    “A documentary about the life of Denis Lynn, a talented skater who grew up too fast on the streets of Belfast Northern Ireland who now struggles to stay on the right path as he tries to maintain his life as a professional skater.”

  • icon view Latent dream (Bangladesh, BSKA, lifestyle)

    Raising awareness on the harsh life conditions of Bangladesh street kids.

  • icon view This ain’t California (Berlin RDA, history, lifestyle, society)

    This Ain’t California may have overblown the resistance aspect of skateboarding in the GDR and how nobody else “understood” skate culture. Instead, it keeps things matter of fact: they aren’t rebels trying to be special, they are kids trying to have fun. They just happen to do it under a totalitarian regime.» «The skaters unintentionally create their own culture of resistance, even if they are nonpolitical to the point where the only difference they see between East and West Berlin is that the west has a skate shop.» (extract taken from the quartersnack review in 2013 https://quartersnacks.com/2013/05/film-review-this-aint-california/ )

  • icon view Push to heal (neuroscience, mental health)

    Short film that demonstrates, through neuroscience, how skateboarding can heal the human brain and contribute to our capacity for learning new skills.

  • icon viewLand of skate - Skateistan (Afghanistan, South Africa, Cambodia)

    As the world continues to divide, in the Land of Skate people are uniting. Children and youth in countries caught up by conflict and inequality are being empowered through skateboarding.

  • icon view We are skateboarders

  • icon viewMade in Venice (history, skatepark quest and struggles)

    The inside story of the skateboarders of Venice, California, and the struggle to make the dream of a skatepark come true.

  • icon viewLearning how to skate in a war zone - Skateistan (afghanistan, education, social breaking norms, local experience)

    In afghanistan, many young girls are not able to participate in sports. cultural and religious norms, along with other factors such as safety concerns and years of warfare, have resulted in limited athletic and recreational opportunities for women and girls, especially those who come from impoverished neighborhoods. But there is a new generation of afghan girls who believe they can do anything. This movie tells the story of young afghan girls learning to read, write - and skateboard - in kabul.

  • icon viewI am Thalente(south africa, social struggles)

    Documentary about once homeless skateboarder Thalente Biyela's journey from the streets of South Africa to Los Angeles, California and into the heart of skateboarding.

  • icon viewKamali(India, gender breaking norms, social struggles, education)

    A single Indian mother fights for her daughter’s empowerment through skateboarding.

  • icon viewThe Wave - Concrete Jungle Foundation (social project, skatepark quest)

    "The Wave" is a short documentary shot during Concrete Jungle Foundation's construction of Kingston’s first skatepark. Filmed and directed by Julian Sonntag, it focuses on the local Jamaican skate scene, their quest for a skatepark and the Freedom Skatepark Project that arose as a result.

  • icon viewGirl skate india (India, gender breaking social norms, diy)

    12 female skateboarders, from 9 different countries embark on a skateboarding journey through India. This film captures the essence of the emerging skateboarding scene in India, and the perspectives and encounters through the eyes of female skateboarders from all over the world. In a bus they travel with a filmer, photographer and skate yoga instructor to teach, do demos, build and empower Indian girls to take part.

  • icon viewSkateistan, Four wheels and a board in Kabul(Afghanistan, social ethnic and gender barrier)

    Skateistan’s story and how a group of amateur- and pro skaters bridge ethnic-, religious and socio-economic barriers to bring hope to the children of a war-torn country – with the help of four wheels and a board.

  • icon viewBowl de campagne(France, skatepark quest and struggles, community solidarity)

    With less than 1500 habitants, Chaulgnes is a commonplace village in France. In the late 90's, the rise of skateboarding changed the population's life. Until planting the seeds of ride and punk fever, from generation to generation.

  • icon viewWhich is to be the master? (philosophy, urbanism, public spaces, lifestyle)

    A skateboard is at the same time a means of locomotion and an incredible juggling tool. The city, a wonderful playground for a skateboarder, is also the stage on which the four characters of this movie cross paths. Raphael Zarka, artist and author of two books on skateboarding, explains on a radio show his perception and outlook on skateboarding.

  • icon view Flow, skateboard experience(philosophy, creativity, lifestyle, perception, rythm, movements)

    A journey following Jerome Chevallier in his quest on finding flow in life through skateboarding

  • icon viewSkate urbanism: creating the city of the future with Leo Valls(urbanism, city policies, skateboarders/institutions dialogue)

    The story of Leo Valls and his hometown of Bordeaux is an unlikely one to say the least. It’s a story where skaters, artists, lawmakers and city officials are working together to create a more skate-friendly city. But this is more than just a story about one skater and one city… this a story about redefining skateboarding’s role in the city of the future.

  • icon viewSMiLE Films Q&A - The Ben Reamers Foundation(mental health awareness)

    The Ben Raemers Foundation held a panel discussion. An open and honest conversation focusing on mental health within the skateboarding world. The panel consists of Nick Jensen, Aaron Herrington, Vaughan Baker, Andy Elwood and Colsum Akanjee-Khan.

  • icon viewSMiLE interviews - Nick Jensen(mental health experiences)

    Nick Jensen sits down with The Ben Raemers Foundation and speaks openly and honestly about his own experiences with mental health

  • icon viewSMiLE interviews - Aaron Herrington(mental health experiences)

    Aaron Herrington interview with the Ben Raemers Foundation. Aaron opens up about his experiences with mental health and skateboarding.

  • icon viewSuli Skatepark "building the dream" (Iraq, social project, skatepark build)

    James Holman movie about Sulaymaniyah skatepark construction, a Make Life Skate Life project to build the first park in Iraq. Dive into Kurdistan hospitality culture, discover the local skate scene and watch kids skate for the first time on a visit of a syrian refugee camp.

  • icon viewAnnapurna Skatepark(Nepal, social project, skatepark build)

    Ekaterina Anchevskaya & Aryan Ashoori's documentary on the construction of Annapurna Skatepark, a Make Life Skate Life project; the first international standard skatepark in the landlocked Himalayan nation of Nepal.

  • icon viewHullumalé Maldives build(Maldives, social project, skatepark build)

    The story behind the biggest skatepark build in the Maldives and meet the brilliant multinational crew who shaped the DIY park from the ground up within just a few short weeks.

  • icon viewDreams on board - Kovalam Skate Club, India(India, education, social project)

    The SISP Kovalam Skate Club is located in Kovalam, India and was founded in 2013 as a part of the bigger NGO SISP. With free skateboarding lessons they try to motivate the school drop-outs of the area to participate in the educational program of SISP

  • icon viewThe barefoot skateboarders - Jaanwar, India(India, education, social project)

    A sport which has long been identified with urban neighbourhoods across the world, is being used in a village in central India as a trigger for social change.

  • icon viewOutdeh - The youth of Jamaica (Jamaica, social struggles, lifestyle, identity quest)

    Documentary film that portrays the Youth of Jamaica: a new generation in transition, determined to get out of old and set structures in society and culture – and contribute with their fresh mindset and strength to a new understanding of the island.

  • icon viewNo comply - Make Life Skate Life(Morocco, gender inequalities, social struggles)

    "No comply" is an old school skate trick, but also the dictum of a group of skateboarders in Morocco defying gender and social norms.

  • icon viewWe skate in Iran(Iran, lifestyle)

    Documentary film about the rise of skateboard culture throughout modern Persia.

  • icon viewGet used to it - Skateistan(south africa, gender inequalities, social struggles, education)

    Gender inequality is a huge problem for women in South Africa, with danger lurking around every corner. In an effort to combat this, Skateistan (now celebrating its tenth year) provides a safe space where children can play, learn and develop through skateboarding and education programs. Get Used To It is a hopeful documentary, exploring how skateboarding is changing lives for women and girls in Jo’burg while also documenting the painful history of apartheid.

  • icon viewDEVOTED(Int, history, media, print magazine)

    Meet the most influential skateboard media to get their opinion about the future of print.DEVOTED is a tribute to people who spent their life documenting skateboarding.

  • icon viewMinding the gap(USA, growing up, friendships)

    "Minding the Gap is about youthful escapism, personal expression, and the cold realization that you can't stay a kid forever. It's heartbreaking, raw, and true."

  • icon viewBuild ramps not walls(Mexico, diy, communities solidarity, breaking barriers)

    Build Ramps Not Walls (BRNW) is a project that began with a tight knit Mexican and American skate community on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Looking for a positive response to the negative rhetoric between Mexico and the United States of America after the U.S.A. 2016 Presidential Elections, this diverse skate crew decided to come together a build a new ramp with the same construction materials that would be used to build the wall between Mexico and the U.S.A.

  • icon viewAfrica riding(Africa, scene spotlight, local stories)

    Episodes :

  • icon viewLong live Southbank, the bigger picture( UK, Saving cultural heritage, public space, activism)

    Long Live Southbank presents their educational campaign film The Bigger Picture showing the 40 year history of one of London's most unique cultural spots, the 9 month campaign to protect it, and the true story of its intended destruction by the Southbank Centre.

  • icon viewSababa(Palestine, Israel, lifestyle, social barriers)

    Film shows how the youth of Palestine is limited in their daily lives with the ongoing occupation that's lasted 70 years now and how they have to push their boundaries in order to reach their goals.

  • icon viewMay Rhododendrons Grow(a skate nepal story, social project)

    Read our blog

  • icon viewKabita's Story(nepal, local experience)

    The Kathmandu Skatepark helps girls like Kabita learn both skateboarding a practical skills to empower her within society

  • icon viewThe Tony Alva Story(USA, legend, history)

    Tony is now 63 years old, the oldest professional skateboarder in the world, is considered by many to be the godfather of modern day skateboarding.

  • icon viewSkateistan: To live and skate in Kabul(afghanistan, locals experience)

    Beautiful and moving short film that follows the lives of two young skateboarders from Afghanistan who attend the Skateistan charity project.

  • icon viewRaw talent with Thalente Biyela(south africa, local experience)

    Short film that takes you on a journey of perception and allows you a glimpse into the mindset of, now international, skateboarder Thalente Biyela from Durban. It showcases how, despite certain circumstances, your view on life can alter your outcome when you combine it with commitment, humility, faith and of course, talent.

  • icon viewRoad to nowhere(Israel,philosophy, lifestyle, perceptions)

    A documentary skateboarding film that talks about the real experience of the ride. the falls, the attempts and the success of the tricks are just a small part of the wonderful world that hides behind this little thing called skateboarding, the friends, the trips, the departure from home, getting to know new places and people that make it what it is and creating a big family and feeling indescribable, all of those make skateboarding something really unique. while in other sports you always have accurate and understandable goals - in skateboarding, the journey is more important than the destination.

  • icon viewPushed, four guys inspired by a wooden toy (USA, lifestyle, creativity identity)

    Full length documentary movie about four guys around thirty who were influenced by skateboarding. Through this passion, they became what they are today: artists, photographers, collectors.

  • icon viewTreasure Island 1&2 (Tanzania, Kenya, poetry, quest, journey)

    An epic travel log follows Michael Mackrodt and Jan Kliewer’s African adventure, filled with hidden spots and hopes of finding gold. Skateboarding has no borders.

  • icon viewThe Skateboard and the city - Skateistan, Johannesburg Documentary (south africa, local experience, education)

    Short documentary set in the city of Johannesburg following 25 year old educator Daniel on his journey to working with world class NGO Skateistan.

  • icon viewValley of a thousand hills (south africa, local experiences, social project)

    In the Valley of a Thousand Hills, Indigo Skate Camp is home to the village’s very first generation of skaters, who are growing up with a different outlook on life from their elders.

  • icon viewFreeling (self expression, creativity, lifestyle, social bonds)

    "This film isn't just about skateboarding, it's about being strong enough to go against the current. In order to do great things, you must "get out of the box" and go for it. This film is my way of saying, skateboarding has shaped me into the kid that did that exactly"

  • icon viewHackney Bumps - Bumps and grinds (UK, publics spaces, community bond, social project)

    Hackney Bumps Community Group are a group of local skaters who have been working voluntarily on regenerating this underused and underfunded public skatepark in Daubeney Fields for over a year now. The Bumps was built back in 1986

  • icon viewYou can't move history, Southbank Documentary Film (UK, public space, cultural heritage)

    Understand and communicate the Undercroft community’s individual and collective attachments to the space, and the strategies LLSB used to translate and communicate these heritage claims.

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