The Magazine

Forever Playground is a skateboarding love stories zine about social community projects around the world. Forever Playground is documenting skate related NGO’s work in problematic areas to show skateboarding's positive impact on at risk youth. Forever Playground is enlightening multiple ways skateboarding ethos can trigger social change, empower local communities and give birth to grassroots projects.

Vol.2 - "Forever Playground"

Forever Playground 2nd issue features 128 pages filled with the construction of Iraq first skatepark and a glimpse into the refugee camp program, building a park in a postwar Syria, Handmixing an entire park in Mozambique, Angola and Tanzania first skateparks, The girl skate India tour 2, the favela build in Rio and much more.

  • Date published : August 2020
  • Editor : Lisa Jacob
Vol.1 - "Out of the blues"

Out of blues is Forever Playground’s first issue with 76 pages. This edition features a road trip in India that ends in building Annapurna skatepark in Nepal, the Hawassa chaotic experience in Ethiopia, The magical Taghazout build in Morroco and much more.

  • Date published : March 2019
  • Editor : Lisa Jacob

The Story

tanzania kids chilll by cameron markin

Picture by Cameron Markin

This magazine is born from the desire to share all the inspiration that we were lucky to be given along the road. Thank you.